RL Grime and NERO Release Debut Collaboration “Renegade”

EDM legends RL Grime and NERO just collaborated for the first time for “Renegade”, a brand new track out now on Sable Valley Records.

RL Grime and NERO are two of the most iconic names in the history of the bass music scene. They just worked together for the first time on “Renegade”, an epic single out now on RL Grime’s Sable Valley imprint.

“Renegade” strikes a balance between nostalgic vibes and more modern future bass sounds. Clocking in at nearly 5 minutes, it’s an epic piece that features vocals from NERO’s Alana Watson on top of NERO and RL Grime’s production.

RL Grime & NERO – “Renegade

“Renegade” was previously played in RL Grime’s Halloween XI mixtape, and NERO has been teasing it in their live sets over the last year.

The track’s release follows vocalist Alana Watson’s first live appearance with NERO in over five years. With classic songs like “Promises” and “Doomsday”, “Renegade” will make a splash in NERO’s already stacked discography.

RL Grime has continued to push the trap music genre forward throughout his entire career. His Sable Valley record label is home to trap’s most creative songs, and a collab between RL Grime and NERO has to be one of the label’s proudest accomplishments yet.

“Renegade” successfully brings nostalgic vibes from two legendary artists while still sounding fresh and innovative.

It’d be hard to find a more star-studded collaboration in electronic music this year. RL Grime and NERO have been headliners in the scene for over a decade, and their expertise is on full display in “Renegade”. Combining RL Grime’s production with NERO’s sound and recognizable vocals is a dream collab, and “Renegade” delivers on those high expectations.

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