RL Grime and Sable Valley Blow us Away With ‘Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2’

RL Grime has been in the EDM scene for over a decade and shows no signs of stopping. One of the first innovators of EDM trap, Henry Steinway (RL Grime) has focused on pushing the genre forward on his Sable Valley imprint throughout 2021.

Following the release of his successful album Nova in 2018, RL Grime started Sable Valley Records in 2019. The label often shines a light on lesser known trap and bass artists, all of which have been handpicked by Henry. Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1, released in August 2020, featured Knock2, Holly, Jawns, Kumarion, Masayohi Iimori, and more.

Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2 only improves upon its predecessor. It starts with a high profile collaboration between RL Grime and Montel2099. The first half of the album showcases some serious talent; some of the best tracks come from Cozway, Rossy, HELLBOUND!, X&G, and DJ Ride.

After an epic hardstyle cut by Frequencerz, more of the Sable Valley crew is showcased throughout the album. Deadcrow, Rossy, Control Freak, Pauline Herr, and Sorsari all make notable appearances.

RL Grime is doing something truly special with Sable Valley. Showcasing some of EDM’s most underrated styles of music, expect this collective to make a serious impact over the coming years.

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