Mitis & Ray Volpe Come Together To Create “Don’t Look Down”

Ophelia Records staple MitiS and newcomer Ray Volpe team up to deliver a track with dynamic sound designs, heavy drops, and huge melodic chords.

Since Mitis stepped onto the scene way back in 2010, the world of melodic bass has never quite been the same. With his eclectic sound design and unique compositions, very few artists have been able to duplicate his masterful productions. It was this talent that caught the ear of Seven Lions, who without hesitation brought him onto his label Ophelia Records the moment it was announced. With singles such as “Moments”, “By My Side”, and “Try” featuring RUNN, Mitis has not only established himself as an incredible producer, but he has also garnered an incredibly dedicated fanbase.

It is no wonder other talented artists are jumping at the chance to work with him, including his most recent collaborator, Ray Volpe. Stepping onto the scene in 2013, this Long Island bass artist makes his mark by incorporating his specialized sound design and quirky beat drops into his music. This trademark style has gotten him onto a number of credible labels including Disciple, Subsidia, and now with this new single, Ophelia. Ray Volpe expands his repertoire further by going a bit more melodic than his usual style, proving to be an even more well-rounded artist than ever before on his new single with Mitis: “Don’t Look Down“.

“Don’t Look Down” is a journey that starts off with dreamy vocals provided by Linney. As the song builds, Mitis introduces the initial melody, setting the vibe for the rest of the track. Knowing Ray Volpe is involved, a bit of dub is expected, and it is expertly woven into the melody. Ray Volpe’s production style fully meets Mitis’ gorgeous melody writing in a fun volley back and forth with incredible energy.

Be sure to stream “Don’t’ Look Down” on your favorite platform, and remember to support the artists by purchasing the track.

Mitis & Ray Volpe feat. Linney – “Don’t Look Down”

Author: coreywm

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