Eelke Kleijn Is Bringing ‘Days Like Nights’ to Chicago With Simon Doty

Eelke Kleijn and Simon Doty are bringing the melodic vibes of Days Like Nights Radio to Chicago’s lakefront with support from Portals & Parachutes, Jeff Ozmits, and ixto!

With Summer coming to a close, Chicago is booming with events to send off its partiers and ready them for the colder months. One of the most anticipated events is the city’s first-ever Days Like Nights event from Eelke Kleijn.

After its start back in 2018, Days Like Nights radio has turned into an insanely popular phenomenon, garnering over 30,000 weekly listeners. It is now being brought straight to the beaches of Chicago by the curator Eelke Kleijn himself. Accompanying him on this momentous occasion is Anjunadeep front-runner Simon Doty and local favorites Portals & Parachutes, Jeff Ozimits, and ixto. With such a talented lineup combined with the beachy views of Castaways on North Avenue Beach, Chicago is really in for a special treat.

Buy tickets now to this incredible show, and read below to hear more about Eelke Kleijn, Simon Doty, and the supporting acts!

Eelke Kleijn is no foreign name to those in the progressive house scene. With his deep and focused sound, songs like “Transmission” and “Oscillations” have put him on the map to become one of the most prolific producers of the genre. Chicago is absolutely thrilled to have this incredible artist in our city to do what he does best. Chicago-based Auris Presents also brought Kleijn to Miami for ARC At Sea before Ultra Music Festival earlier this year.

Simon Doty is an Anjunadeep favorite having played at some of Above & Beyond‘s most coveted events. His sound is known to be deep, sultry, and smooth. No stranger to Chicago, he is welcomed back with open arms in pure anticipation as he plays alongside Eelke Kleijn.

Local favorites RJ Pickens and Hummingbird make up Portals & Parachutes, debuting the project last year at ARC Music Festival. RJ Pickens, after producing and DJing for over a decade, met Kelly Richards (aka Hummingbird) during his times of opening up for headliners in clubs. Both are very familiar names within the Chicago scene, and they consistently bring out a dedicated fanbase to their shows.

After having releases on ZeroThree, Enhanced, Future Sound of Egypt:Parallels, and more, Jeff Ozmits is ready to strut his stuff yet again here in Chicago. This familiar face has teamed up with the even more prolific personality ixto to go 2b2 in one of their first-ever performances.

ixto stepped onto the scene during the pandemic, mixing incredible sets on Twitch on Anjuna’s Twitch channel. After a while, JD De La Roca (aka ixto) became a well-known Anjuna affiliate, receiving support from Above & Beyond themselves! This duo coming together will bring along some trancier vibes while still holding true to the smooth sounds of Days Like Nights radio.

Tickets to Days Like Nights Chicago are on sale now, with 2 and 4-pack discounts available for purchase. [Facebook event]

Author: coreywm

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