Seven Lions & Jason Ross Team Up For Epic ‘See You Again’ EP

The ‘See You Again’ EP on Ophelia Records features two can’t-miss collaborations from Seven Lions and Jason Ross.

Seven Lions and Jason Ross, two of the most recognizable names on Ophelia Records, have collaborated once again. See You Again, the duo’s latest EP, showcases the emotional and multi-genre style of EDM that each artist is known for.

See You Again is the second collaborative EP from these Ophelia icons. The 2018 Ocean EP included the hit title track with vocals from Jonathan Mendelsohn, as well as “The Sirens”, a trance/dubstep hybrid. See You Again picks up right where Ocean left off, and the results definitely exceed expectations.

“See You Again”, the first song on the EP, features vocals from frequent Seven Lions collaborator Fiora.

Known for her performances on tracks like “Days to Come” and “Start Again”, Fiora has been working with Seven Lions since 2012. She is now one of the most popular voices in EDM, and her performance on “Start Again” makes for an emotional and powerful Ophelia Records vibe. Both drops in this one bring a festival-ready melodic dubstep feel.

Coming next is “Orpheus”, a heavier track with elements of psytrance, trap, and hardstyle.

Seven Lions and Jason Ross have never been afraid to push the limits of electronic music, and that attitude is displayed on “Orpheus”. If you attended any stops on the Ophelia Records Pantheon Tour, you might recognize this one. It’s been teased in both artists’ live sets for years, and the official release is finally here.

‘See You Again’ does not disappoint, and fans of Jason Ross, Seven Lions, and Ophelia Records need to check out this EP.

With both songs being completely brand new, See You Again might actually be the biggest EDM release of 2022 so far. The EP brings two totally different bass music vibes to the table, and it’s a great follow-up to Wooli’s Resurrection EP from December.

Ophelia also recently gave us Opus, an orchestral album with remakes of Seven Lions’ biggest hits. There’s no doubt that Ophelia Records is doing some of the most creative work in the EDM scene right now, and 2022 will undoubtedly be another huge year for the Seven Lions-led label.

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