Kaskade’s DJ Set After The Chicago White Sox Game Was A Home Run

A native of Chicago, Kaskade performed after the White Sox game on August 12 for the first-ever postgame DJ set at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Kaskade was born in Chicago and has been one of the electronic music scene’s most famous artists for several decades. On August 12, 2022, Kaskade performed a DJ set after the Chicago White Sox game following their win against the Detroit Tigers.

The performance came just a few weeks after Kaskade’s headlining set at Lollapalooza. All White Sox ticketholders were invited to stay after the game for an onfield show from Kaskade. A limited number of field passes were also available and sold out weeks before the game.

Kaskade night drew one of the biggest crowds of the year, and most Sox fans stuck around to watch the show.

After the last batter in a White Sox win that saw Michael Kopech pitch a no-hitter through six innings, setup for the concert started. Speakers, subs, screens, and stage platforms were brought out from center field and wheeled onto the infield dirt. While most probably expected the stage to take up the entire ballpark, the temporary platform only took up a portion of the infield dirt around second base.

The concert started about 30 minutes after the game and lasted for nearly an hour.

Bringing a similar vibe as his Lollapalooza set, Kaskade threw down several of his original productions with a mix of various electronic music genres. He played his classic tracks like “Eyes” and “Something Something Champs” as well as his newer songs like “Fun” and “Escape”.

The energy during Kaskade’s show was significantly higher compared to an average night at Guaranteed Rate Field. The crowd was a mix of both fans that came specifically for Kaskade and White Sox regulars checking out the music casually. The turnout for the concert exceeded expectations, and nearly everyone stayed for the whole set.

One of the most memorable moments was when he played the vocal for “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

It was the White Sox’s theme song during their World Series run in 2005, and Kaskade had the Southside crowd once again singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” nearly 17 years later. His set included other recognizable songs like “Show Me Love” as well as deeper EDM cuts like the Clockwork remix of “Last Chance”.

Kaskade played one of the only MLB postgame concerts in recent history, and the entire night was a special experience.

For fans of Chicago sports and electronic music, this was a can’t-miss event. The White Sox delivered on a pleasant fan experience, and Kaskade didn’t disappoint with his headlining set. Considering attendance was well above average and field passes sold out weeks in advance, demand for another show like this is high.

While the White Sox’s baseball season isn’t exactly going as planned, the Sox definitely hit out of the park on August 12th. The team even went on a 4-game winning streak following the concert. Maybe the team just needs another Kaskade set to re-energize themselves for a final playoff push in 2022.

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