Watch Google’s Emotional Tribute to Avicii on His 32nd Birthday

Tim Bergling continues to make an everlasting impact on the world several years after his death. Avicii has now been memorialized as a Google Doodle, making it onto Google’s homepage in nearly 50 countries around the world.

In a blog post on Google’s website, Avicii’s father Klas talks about the Tim Bergling Foundation started by him and his wife Anki. Passing away at just 28 years old in April 2018, the world was unfairly robbed of a musical talent that is still sorely missed today.

Klas shares his favorite Avicii track: “Bromance“. It’s the track that caused him to first realize his son’s true talent for music production, and a track he continues to revisit to this day. He mentions that Tim was always passionate about mental health and spirituality, which led to the forming of the Tim Bergling Foundation.

Clicking on the Google Doodle leads to a short YouTube video that honors Avicii beautifully. On a day that would be his 32nd birthday, Tim Bergling’s legacy continues to grow over time.

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