Feed Me Releases Ambitious Self-Titled Album on Sotto Voce Records

Jon Gooch aka Feed Me has built a reputation as a legend in the EDM scene. A pioneer of heavy electronic music since his days on mau5trap, he since released tracks on Monstercat, Spinnin Records, and Circus Records. He most often finds himself on Sotto Voce Records, his homemade imprint that’s home to several dozen Feed Me tracks.

A true artist, Feed Me creates his own artwork and recently released a line of NFTs. The self-titled Feed Me album features a complex abstract art design on the cover, an appropriate introduction to a truly refined style of bass music.

The energy starts off on a high note with “Big Kitten”, an interesting track that tells a story. Feed Me keeps the vibes going with “Blanket Ban”, a deeper complextro cut that features his distinct sound.

Following the lead single “Reckless” featuring Tasha Baxter, Feed Me continues to go a down a route of deep, heavy electro music with “Cost a Fiver had a Tenner”.

“Night Boat” brings more midtempo vibes to the album, while “If It Bounces” brings the tempo back to 128 BPM. “Stupid Small Face” comes next, one of the more unique tracks on the album.

Feed Me partners with vocalist HEIGHTS and brings a more melodic sound on “Stop Motion”, while “Frank Frazetta” and “Tamp Tamp Tamp” continue the heavy bass vibes. The album then closes with “Feather Crown”, an experimental track that encourages a reflective state of mind.

Feed Me is a diary of distilled creative process, folding between analogue and digital in a way that mirrors the combination of hazy nostalgia and technological idealism that I’ve come to realize frame my motivation”

Jon Gooch (Feed Me)

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