Welcome Records Gets Spooky on ‘Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4’

Kayzo’s label Welcome Records just released Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4, the fourth installment in their annual Halloween compilation series.

Welcome Records is appropriately celebrating label head Kayzo‘s favorite holiday. The fourth edition of their Halloween series Little Comp of Horrors was just released with an all-star cast of rising bass music talent.

Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4 explores a wide range of bass-focused genres like dubstep, trap, drum n bass, and hard techno. With 13 tracks created for true bassheads, this compilation is worth a listen for all fans of the creative and underground styles of heavy electronic music.

Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4 by Welcome Records is available now on all platforms!

The compilation starts with “DEADZONE” from GRAVEDGR and BLVCK CROWZ, a drum n bass and raw trap hybrid track.

High Zombie then puts a dnb spin on “Misfits” by Kala, a genre-bending, pop-punk inspired tune. Little Comp of Horrors gets even heavier with a few dubstep selections from Dr. Ushuu, BVLVNCE, FREAKY, and RZRKT. “Trip To Mars” by Krischvn provides some trapped out vibes, while “NRG” by TYPHON switches it up with some heavy techno.

Hailing from Thailand, KartyPartyy returns to Welcome Records for “COME ALIVE” featuring BVLVNCE. Both “COME ALIVE” and “The Edge” from BADVOID and Josh Rubin add creative heavy metal influences to the collection. Wrapping up the compilation are tracks from Crimson Scar, PERSONA NON GRATA & Qoiet, and MYR.

Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4 is yet another genre-bending release from Welcome Records.

Kayzo has established himself as one of the most unique artists in the EDM scene, and Welcome Records only adds to that reputation. Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4 is an appropriate soundtrack for all kinds of Halloween festivities.

“Comp of Horrors is a celebration of new talent during my favorite time of year, Halloween. I really just like getting spooky and wanted something to show for that with Welcomeevery year, the comp gets better and the talent gets stronger.


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