Whyel Drops Energetic Guest Mix on Welcome Records’ Audius Channel

Whyel just dropped an ID-filled guest mix on Welcome Records’ Audius channel featuring his signature mix of punk rock, emo, EDM, and bass music.

Whyel is one of the most unique artists in the electronic music industry. He just dropped a 34-minute guest mix on Welcome Records‘ Audius channel full of exclusive IDs and mashups.

With several recent track releases on Kayzo’s Welcome Records, Whyel is known for his mix of electronic music and punk rock. His latest DJ mix is available exclusively on Audius, a decentralized streaming platform built on the blockchain.

Whyel’s guest mix has unreleased IDs and edits of tracks like “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin and “Freaks” by Surf Curse.

The mix includes popular Whyel tracks like “Bricks To The Butterfly” and “Trench”. The official tracklist also lists 5 IDs of unreleased Whyel music. The mix unites his influences of rock, punk, emo and alternative music with a hard EDM style.

Whyel has collaborated with Carnage and Junkie Kid, performed at EDC Las Vegas, and released official remixes for The Chainsmokers, Dillon Francis, and Diplo. He writes and sings the vocals on all of his original tracks.

The entire mix is extremely high energy and has climbed as high as #6 on the Trending list on Audius.

The top 5 tracks of the week earn 100 $AUDIO, the token at the center of Audius’ ecosystem. Audius was founded in 2018 and is an artist-focused streaming platform similar to Soundcloud.

“Obey” by Whyel is out on May 20th on Welcome Records.

“Obey” is Whyel’s first single release in 2022. Read his thoughts on the Audius mix and stream the new track below.

“This mix is a clusterfuck of high energy noise. I wanted to showcase some of the upcoming tunes I have as well as some that are already released. I needed to give people a taste of what a set of mine would sound like because I’ve been cooking up so many tunes over the last few years. I hope you listen to this mix and pull out your skateboard or pop on your doc martens and start to rage wherever you are. I don’t know what to call my music or sound but all I know is there is nothing more punk rock than blasting some tunes, saying fuck it, and going wild.


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