Deadbeats Reveal Latest Compilation ‘We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5’

‘We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5’ is the latest edition in Zeds Dead’s label compilation series featuring 18 tracks from up-and-coming heavy bass hitters.

WE ARE DEADBEATS is a label compilation series featuring various artists that are coming up in the bass music industry. Handpicked by Zeds Dead for their Deadbeats label, this series is an opportunity to showcase new artists that are rising in the scene. The compilation series originated in 2017 and has provided a platform to now-famous artists like Mersiv and Subtronics.

The tracklist features a range of bass music from dubstep to drum & bass. There are plenty of heavy hitters on the tracklist, and the compilation adds some uplifting vibes with trap, future bass, techno, and experimental influences.

WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 5 is available now to purchase and stream on all platforms.

Along with bass-heavy music, We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5 has songs with trap and future bass vibes.

Heavy dubstep fans should check out “xX_i_LUV_U_BUT_NOT_AS_MUCH AS_i_LUV_MYSELF_Xx” by Twonski and “Rise Up” by Smoakland, both giving similar hard-hitting sounds to Zeds Dead’s own music.

Track #3 “Lost” by Capshun brings us to a more mellow and uplifting future bass feeling, while “Everlast” by Farrah gives us some trap mixed with drum & bass near the middle of the album. “Revival” by Spuke brings darker techno vibes, while tracks like “Darkness Interim” by Deadcrow continue the dubstep energy. The final track on the list, “Vansali“, wraps up the compilation with an intricate, future bass closure from Age of Epsilon.

Deadbeats compilations have become an annual tradition, and We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5 does not disappoint.

We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5 is a diverse album full of underground talent, and fans of Zeds Dead and bass music should give each track a listen. Deadbeats also just announced several shows for the upcoming concert season, with each one featuring a set from Zeds Dead and a selection of Deadbeats artists.

We Are Deadbeats Vol. 5 Tracklist

  1. MYTHM – Murda
  2. ZINGARA – Tell Me
  3. capshun – Lost
  4. NotLo – Grudge
  5. Tape B – Melodi Blue
  6. Spüke – Revival
  7. Smoakland – Rise Up
  8. Deadcrow – Darkness Interim
  9. Farrah – EVERLAST
  10. Abelation x Saka – Elite
  11. not yes – just get up
  12. So Dope – GET OVER
  13. TINYKVT – You Don’t Own Me
  14. sfam – ahh uhh
  15. So Sus & Eugene – Nothing To See Here
  16. BLXK MNTN – Take You
  18. Age of Espion – Vansali

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