JakeShoreDrive Releases “Rock Your Hips” After Going Viral on TikTok

“Rock Your Hips” by JakeShoreDrive (aka TheTechHouseTeacher) and Mike & Me is out now following millions of streams and dance challenges on TikTok.

JakeShoreDrive, also known as @TheTechhouseTeacher, is one of the fastest growing DJ/producers on social media. He just released his biggest song yet: “Rock Your Hips“, a collaboration with Croatian artist Mike & Me that has already been heard by millions on TikTok.

Jake’s posts on TikTok have led to press coverage from Mixmag, Newsweek, and EDM.com. He is known across the world for incorporating house music into his career as a third grade teacher in Chicago, Illinois. After teasing the song for several months in his videos (and in his Premier EDM mix and interview) , “Rock Your Hips” is finally seeing its much-anticipated release.

JakeShoreDrive only had a few thousand followers on TikTok earlier this year, but the “Rock Your Hips” ID is one of the main ways he grew his following to over 60k.

The hype first started when Jake opened for Dombresky at Sound-Bar in Chicago on March 4. He posted a sneak preview of the new song which quickly went viral and was viewed by over a million people.

@jakeshoredrive_ #question from @jakeshoredrive_ ♬ Jakeshoredrive x Mike and me _Rock Yo Hips – TheTechhouseTeacher πŸŽπŸ”Š

Some of JakeShoreDrive’s most memorable TikToks involve his students and his classroom.

He started playing house music for his classroom every morning, which led to one student writing a letter about their newfound love of house. Known as Mr. P to his students, Jake eventually decked out the school’s gymnasium with electronic music and lasers. It was reposted by Barstool Sports and became one of the most successful posts on their Instagram.

@jakeshoredrive_ #stitch with @jakeshoredrive_ ♬ Rock Your Hips_Jakeshoredrive_ Mike and Me – TheTechhouseTeacher πŸŽπŸ”Š

The popularity of this video led to an interview from Newsweek and a feature on the front page of Mixmag.

JakeShoreDrive was already one of Chicago’s brightest house music talents before going viral. “Rock Your Hips” became a hit on social media, leading to dance challenges and thousands of new fans for The Tech House Teacher. It is now quickly climbing the ranks of Spotify with tens of thousands of plays.

The idea started when Jake heard the 2006 Crime Mob track “Rock Yo Hips” on the radio last summer. After trading demos with Croatian artist Mike & Me, they decided to collaborate on the final version of “Rock Your Hips”. It’s been called “The Next ‘Do It To It’” by Loud Luxury.


literally found this song on our FYP and now it’s in all our sets

♬ Jakeshoredrive x Mike and me _Rock Yo Hips – TheTechhouseTeacher πŸŽπŸ”Š

The Tech House Teacher’s secret to success on TikTok is to look at what you’re already doing in life and find a way to share that with the world.

At first, Jake was just filming himself listening to house music and dancing in the car on his way to work. He realized it could be an effective way to spread positivity and help people find good music. Fast forward to today, and he has over 6,000 followers on his “House music you should start your day with” playlist on Spotify and frequently goes viral on TikTok.

JakeShoreDrive’s career as a house music DJ/producer is only getting started. He just provided direct support to James Hype at Chicago’s Prysm Nightclub and was featured on the Chicago Hood Politics compilation. He’s also performing at North Coast Music Festival and has more gigs lined up for later this summer. “Rock Your Hips” firmly establishes JakeShoreDrive as one of the top upcoming house artists of 2022.

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