Flux Pavilion Releases Bass-Heavy Single “Lore”

Following the release of his .wav album last year, Flux Pavilion is back with “Lore”, a new single with massive drops from the Fluxiverse.

Flux Pavilion is one of the most legendary names in the history of modern electronic music. The multi-genre producer just released his latest single “Lore“, a bass-focused track that focuses on creative and heavy drops.

In a video posted to Twitter, Flux Pavilion discussed how “Lore” is somewhat of a landmark release in his career. After a few years of creative production that involved “exploring the space in between the drops”, Flux was ready to make another energetic banger in his unique style. Available now on all platforms, listen to “Lore” by Flux Pavilion on Spotify below.

“Lore” also marks the announcement of the Fluxiverse, a new concept from Flux Pavilion with more details coming later.

“Lore” is released on Circus Records, the record label that Flux co-founded with Doctor P in 2009. Flux has always been a groundbreaking producer, and this new song is no exception. One of the most creative talents in the game, the future is bright for both Flux Pavilion and his take on the metaverse.


“Following .wav I want to dive deeper into the Fluxiverse, what better way than to lay the foundation for the whole concept! The sound of this record feels pretty important too, I want to show the world I’m not done with destroying dancefloors but I want to do it the Flux way!”

-Flux Pavilion

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