Zonderling Releases One-of-a-Kind ‘Breng’ EP on STMPD RCRDS

The ‘Breng’ EP by Dutch duo Zonderling is full of genre-bending ideas and massive electro house influenced sounds.

Dutch duo Zonderling are easily one of the most unique artists when it comes to mainstream EDM labels. Their latest offering, the 4-track Breng EP on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, could be one of the finest releases of their career.

Known for their tracks on labels like Spinnin’, HEXAGON, Heldeep, Armada, and Doorn, Zonderling first worked with STMPD in 2020. Zonderling songs definitely have a distinct feel to them, and the music on Breng is no different. Showcasing a blend of EDM, electro house, futuristic sounds, and other influences, Breng is Zonderling’s first EP since 2017.

The EP starts with “Breng”, the title track for an interesting and mysterious musical journey.

One thing that really stands out on this project is the album art. It’s definitely a change compared to other STMPD releases. With a black and white abstract art feeling, it really sets the mood for the EP. The title track, “Breng”, is a 5-minute instrumental track full of Zonderling vibes.

“Verwarring”, the next song, is translated from Dutch to English as ‘confusion’. With a total of six songwriters credited, this one features an impressive vocal performance between big, emotional drops.

“Zonder” and “Kronkel” wrap up the EP, with both tracks seeing considerable success as singles.

“Zonder” is more similar to “Verwarring”, as both feature vocals and more mainstream-friendly drops, while “Kronkel” brings a dark vibe similar to “Breng”. The four tracks really fit well together and capture Zonderling’s current sound in an epic way.

Breng is an EP that can be enjoyed by fans across all electronic music genres. Zonderling showcases a one-of-a-kind sound, and each track is extremely well produced. STMPD RCRDS has established themselves as one of the best EDM labels in the scene, and Breng is a strong finish to 2021 for everyone involved.

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