Flynninho Debuts on Brooklyn Fire With ‘RCKSTAR’ EP

Flynninho brings his bass house sound to Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire for the ‘RCKSTAR’ EP.

A versatile DJ/producer with several successful tracks to his name, Flynninho is an artist from Chicago that’s quickly climbing the ranks of the electronic music scene. His most recent release, the two-track RCKSTAR EP, is Flynninho’s first EP on Brooklyn Fire. It brings a raw bass house sound that fits perfectly on the Tommie Sunshine-led label.

RCKSTAR follows the November release of “Used 2 Be“, Flynninho’s latest collaboration with Sherm. “Used 2 Be” marked Flynninho’s third time working with Don Diablo’s HEXAGON label. He’s also released music with Hood Politics, Gold Digger, and House of Hustle.

Now making his debut with Brooklyn Fire, Flynninho explores a heavy bass sound on the RCKSTAR EP. “Racks” and “Lost Me” are two club-ready tracks that bring an energetic 128 BPM vibe.

While RCKSTAR is just a two-track EP, the energy that Flynninho displays is enough to fill an entire album.

“Racks” brings the intensity right away, showcasing a sound that would fit in both the grooviest and the heaviest of house sets. “Lost Me” combines bass with a deep house vibe reminiscent of Jauz or Tchami.

Flynninho is one of the most recognizable names in the Chicago scene, opening for massive artists like Ghastly, Julian Jordan, and even Armin van Buuren at Aragon Ballroom. With an impressive production style and more original tracks coming soon, Flynninho is an artist worth watching in the future.

“The RCKSTAR EP features two tracks I am proud to call stamps of my sound, personifications of who I am, and the rockstar energy I bring.

Brooklyn Fire is a label that definitely had a direct impact on my love for bass house when I was getting into EDM and helped form my sound as an artist. So many bass house artists I love have released music with them like my Chicago homies Trentino, Porn and Chicken, and MANSHN, and my boys overseas Cashew and Jaycen A’mour.

What’s even crazier, Tommie Sunshine, The Godfather of EDM and label head of Brooklyn Fire, not only titled the EP ‘RCKSTAR’ himself, but he gave the nod to release these tracks on his label. Getting to know him, having him believe in my tracks, and having him as a mentor is a really awesome experience that I am grateful for.

When I made these two songs, I knew I had nailed down (for the first time) my sound and who I am: a rockstar.”

-Flynn Collins (Flynninho)

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