Dada Life Is Keeping Big Room Alive in 2021 With ‘Crash & Smile’

Dada Life has to be one of the most unique acts in the history of EDM. Pioneers of the electro house and big room scene since 2008, the Swedish duo continue to showcase their creative taste on Crash & Smile in Dada Land – August.

Crash & Smile was formed by Dada Life earlier this year in partnership with Revealed Records. The first Crash & Smile compilation came out in March, with a new one coming every month since. The label has released music from both up-and-comers and established artists including KAAZE, Swanky Tunes, Carta, R3SPAWN, Justin Prime, Tony Junior, Ryos, Futuristic Polar Bears, and Cuebrick.

I’m a huge fan of what Dada Life is doing on Crash & Smile. They’re bringing high energy, mainstage-ready tunes that will usher in a new decade of festival memories. One of the first EDM experiences I had was seeing Dada Life open for Skrillex in 2011. Ten years later, it’s amazing that they haven’t missed a beat.

Each month, Dada Life releases a Crash & Smile compilation as well as a new mix for their radio show.

Crash & Smile in Dada Land – August starts with “Forever”, a powerful track from Magic Sound. Next comes “Drama” by Vion Konger, which brings the epic melodies that Dada Life is looking for in their label releases.

“Questions” by Adrian Fryla and Qlinicue is followed by “Supernova”, a massive mainstage anthem from Reggio. The vibes switch up a bit on “Nobody Watching” by Gellero and ROXANA, an infectious track that has some elements of slap house.

Dada Life saves the biggest names for last, with Laidback Luke and Carta delivering on “Kong”. The compilation then closes with “Wave & Jump” by MR. BLACK, Pei Pei, and Richie Loop, a creative tune with a drop similar to Wiwek‘s style.

When it comes to mainstage EDM, Crash & Smile has delivered some of the best tracks of the year so far. We’ll definitely be checking back next month to see what Dada Life has planned for us in Dada Land 🙂

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