Defunk on Mixing Bass Music Genres and Performing at Shambhala [INTERVIEW]

Defunk is known for combining funk, hip-hop, electro, and more into a heavy bass music style, and we interviewed him after catching his set at Gem & Jam Festival in Tucson.

Canadian-born Logan Anderson, better known as Defunk, has made waves across the EDM scene with his dirty, funky, bass music. He plays a mix of genres from drum n bass to dubstep to bass house in his sets, and after catching his genre-bending show at Gem & Jam, we chatted with Defunk about his unique music style.

Defunk has collaborated with artists like Ahee, The Funk Hunters, Megan Hamilton, and SoDown. His 2023 singles “Blast Off” and “Waves” featuring Taylr Renee showcase his ability to make bass music with a funky flavor. He has played at festivals like Shambhala and Electric Forest and gained support from artists like Griz, Gramatik, and LSDream.

An artist that is truly in his own lane, we interviewed Defunk after stumbling upon his set at Gem & Jam and being particularly impressed. We asked him about his inspirations, new music, proudest moments, and more.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations, and what initially inspired you to start pursuing your career as a DJ/producer?

Some of my biggest musical inspirations initially came from the punk and metal scene of the 90s and early 2000s. Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Lamb of God, and others had a heavy, gritty texture to the bass and guitar, and were often supercharged with energy.

When I discovered electronic music, I was able to quickly latch onto artists that carried a similar heavy bass sound that I really found appealing. Some of my earliest inspirations in the electronic world that launched me into production were Pendulum, Nero, Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion, Dieselboy, and Opiuo.

In 2023, you released your singles “Waves” and “Blast Off”. Tell us more about these songs and what makes them unique.

Each is unique in its own way. In terms of sound production and energy in a live setting, I’m really proud of how these came together. “Waves” is my favorite production within the drum and bass genre that I’ve ever put together, because I really took my time developing the sounds, the drop, and working with a very talented vocalist who has worked with a few artists I look up to.

“Blast Off” has such a strong anthem quality and really pushes the midtempo hip-hop genre that has been coming back into popularity in new ways recently. I love the contrast between a strong guitar opening and a wonky wobble driven bass drop.

We saw you play at Gem & Jam and you divided the set up into bass house, drum n bass, and more. How would you describe your overall music style?

Moving through genres is something I have always done in my live sets. I have produced in so many different genres and tempos that I really love to take the audience on a journey, often increasing in tempo throughout the set, to then switch to bringing it back down near the end of the set.

The factors that tie all of my music together, whether it be house or drum and bass, is that they are always high energy and in your face. There are elements of funk, rock, and disco that I pull in frequently, but the core of the music is always bass music. I guess you could say I try to bring a high-energy rock show into an EDM setting.

What’s been the biggest moment of your career so far, or what’s an achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

Performing at Red Rocks and Electric Forest were pretty overwhelming experiences that stick out. Those were a few of the times that I really felt “wow you’re definitely not just doing this at a local level anymore.” They were reminders of just how far my music was reaching and the impact it was having.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could share with aspiring artists?

Patience and persistence. This industry takes a long time to master, and song by song you can work towards your goals. Never expect that any one release will be your golden ticket. And even when you think you know it all, there is always so much more to know and to improve upon.

Do you have a festival or show that you’re most looking forward to this year?

Shambhala Festival is always a huge moment for me, and this year it will be where I will debut a lot of my newest and best VIP work.

You’ve previously collaborated with SoDown, The Funk Hunters, Marvel Years, Ahee, Megan Hamilton, and more. Do you have a dream collaboration that you’d like to achieve some day?

Griz, LSDream, and Zeds Dead.

Finally, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only have two other music artists with you, who would you choose and why?

Ahee and The Funk Hunters. Just genuine super sweet people that I can really get along with.

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