TroyBoi’s ‘Say Less’ EP is a Trap Music All-Star Lineup

Say Less, the latest EP from TroyBoi, features four collaborations with some of the most prestigious names in the history of EDM trap music.

TroyBoi has to be one of the most diverse and talented producers in the bass music scene. Known for his hip-hop and trap-influenced sound, he just released Say Less, an EP featuring four collaborations with trap music royalty.

With collaborations starring Stooki Sound, UZ, Hucci, and Mr. Carmack, Say Less is an EP worth listening to for fans from all eras of trap music.

Say Less has a focus on pure EDM trap, and TroyBoi brought out the genre’s OGs to collab with on this album.

Kicking off the EP is “Eternals“, a new track with Stooki Sound. With a recent appearance at Brownies & Lemonade during Miami Music Week, Stooki Sound is already having a massive year. “Eternals” combines cinematic trap vibes with mysterious tribal vocals. Next comes “Yalla” with the Quality Good Records founder UZ. A banging trap anthem with a minimalist drop, this one will probably go down as the most popular song on Say Less.

Interstellar” featuring Hucci is another newly released track. Bringing some heavier bass vibes to the table, “Interstellar” is an appropriate mix of the two artists’ signature styles. Closing out the EP is “Makin Moves” with Mr. Carmack. Previously released as a single, TroyBoi and Mr. Carmack showcase their creativity on this collab. Combining atmospheric production with festival-ready drops, “Makin Moves” is our favorite on the album and a masterpiece from two legends of electronic music production.

Both new and old fans of trap music will appreciate Say Less.

While trapheads from the genre’s golden age will appreciate the featured artists, newer bassheads will enjoy Say Less on the same level. The four tracks that TroyBoi produced for this EP result in an impressive addition to his discography, and we can’t wait to hear these tracks live this festival season.

TroyBoi – Say Less EP Tracklist:

  1. Eternals (feat. Stooki Sound)
  2. Yalla (feat. UZ)
  3. Interstellar (feat. Hucci)
  4. Makin Moves (feat. Mr. Carmack)

Author: @michael__premier

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