Skrillex Makes An Epic Return With New Album ‘Quest For Fire’

Skrillex’s new album Quest For Fire features the electronic music star’s signature production with a new, more polished sound.

Skrillex has consistently been one of the leading stars of the EDM scene throughout the last decade. He just released Quest For Fire, his first solo album since Recess in 2014.

While he’s been relatively quiet in recent years, he’s making a triumphant return culminating with the release of Quest For Fire and an (instantly) sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

Skrillex has explored countless genres since his dubstep days, but Quest For Fire is a return to his EDM roots.

Some of Skrillex’s recent singles have explored a more hip-hop influenced sound, but this album has more of a focus on “the drop” than you’d expect. The album continues his trend of collaborations, but nearly all tracks on Quest For Fire have an energetic production vibe that simply sounds like Skrillex.

The album includes the recent singles “Supersonic” with Noisia, Josh Pan, and Dylan Brady as well as “Rumble” featuring Fred Again.. and Flowdan. Both have been staples of sets across bass music since their release.

The collaborations on Quest For Fire give each track its own unique vibe.

“XENA” featuring vocals from Nai Barghouti brings a tribal drum sound similar to 2014 jungle terror tracks. Skrillex recruits Peekaboo for “Hydrate”, a wobbly, deep dubstep song. And after working with her on his Jack U project, he brings back Missy Elliott for “RATATA”. The result is definitely way better than anything Jack U ever released.

Whenever Skrillex releases new music, it usually becomes the gold standard in electronic music. And this album should be no exception. I guess this is what he was working on when he missed Movement and Sunset Music Festival last year…it was worth the wait.

Skrillex just sold out Madison Square Garden in minutes alongside Fred Again.. and Four Tet.

Four Tet also makes an appearance on the album with “Butterflies”, a more house-leaning track. All of the songs are impressive in their own ways, such as the bass house opener “Leave Me Like This” down to the closer “Still There” with Porter Robinson. One of the most memorable songs on Quest For Hire is “Tears”, a collab with Joker and Sleepnet.

Quest For Hire is an impressive display of the sound that Skrillex has been crafting for several years.

Following his new music, let’s hope 2023 brings the return of Skrillex to the festival circuit. Until then, Quest For Hire will undoubtedly be on repeat for music fans and DJs everywhere.

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