Bassjackers Smash The House on ‘Les Pays Bass’ EP

Bassjackers deliver six high-energy tracks on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House label via the Les Pays Bass EP.

Bassjackers have been a prominent artist in the mainstage EDM scene for over a decade. Their latest EP, Les Pays Bass, is a festival-ready EP that explores several genres with a Bassjackers touch.

Les Pays Bass delivers six solo tracks from Bassjackers on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House label. It follows their two Les Pays Bass EPs on Spinnin’ Records, and continues the series’ trend of high energy and harder styles from Bassjackers.

The opening track on Les Pays Bass, “How We Do”, sets the tone for the EP with big room kicks and leads.

“Bass Hammer” explores bass and trappier sounds. “Oldschool Vibe”, one of the highlights on the EP, is a top-tier mainstage techno track. Bassjackers experiment with multiple different genres while keeping a consistent theme throughout Les Pays Bass. “Arabian Nights Part 2” is a commanding track that is reminiscent of KSHMR, an artist that Bassjackers have famously collaborated with.

Bassjackers start to rise the BPM and energy even more towards the end of Les Pays Bass.

Bassjackers have never been afraid to go higher than 130 BPM. They start to do just that on “Burnout”, a pumping song with some elements of psytrance. Lastly, “That Bass” comes in at 150 BPM with a drop that would sound right at home in a Bassjackers set at Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland.

Les Pays Bass is a must-listen for any fans of Bassjackers and mainstage EDM. It’s a big room, big drop-influenced EP that is significantly more creative than most.

“’Les Pays Bass’ is not polished. It’s testing what sounds the newest technologies can make, combined with old flavors and raw energy. We want to create a place for the real ravers: the land of the Bass.”


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