Paul Oakenfold is Bringing His “Perfectoverse” to the Metaverse

Legendary DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold will headline his own virtual online concert experience known as the Perfectoverse on December 22, 2022.

Paul Oakenfolds DJ career dates back to the 1980s, and he continues to be on the cutting edge of technology in 2022. He’s set to headline his own show in the Metaverse, a 72-minute online experience known as the Perfectoverse.

The premiere of the Perfectoverse is set for December 22, 2022, at 9 PM in all time zones. Created in partnership with YOOM, the Perfectoverse is a complete audio and visual experience that can be streamed on TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Tickets to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfectoverse are available now for $9.95. Buy your ticket now or head to Premier EDM’s Instagram to enter to win a free pass!

The event will take viewers through highly detailed virtual worlds in an immersive 360 concert experience.

The Perfectoverse is made possible by YOOM, a Web3 company that has also worked with Infected Mushroom and Luude. YOOM’s mission is to create new immersive content and experiences in the Metaverse via its volumetric capture technology. They’ve previously worked with several professional sports teams including the Los Angeles Kings, but the Perfectoverse might be their boldest project yet.

The main attraction is a 72-minute concert video, with a bonus 3-song interactive set to follow.

The 72-minute Immersive Experience can be accessed in a web browser on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Paying $9.95 for a Perfectoverse pass includes all of these viewing options. There will also be other options available, including a PC 4K version with 3D audio and a portrait mode view on mobile.

The Perfectoverse joins other electronic Metaverse projects in the electronic music space like Sensorium Galaxy. While the true potential of the Metaverse has yet to be truly realized, YOOM and Paul Oakenfold’s Perfectoverse show what’s possible in the future of virtual events. Perfectoverse tickets have just one price tier and can be used for 48 hours after being redeemed. Witness history with us and check out this unique event on 12/22/22.

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