Wasteland 2023 Reveals Massive Hard Dance Lineup for Basscon’s 10th Anniversary

Basscon, the hardstyle and hard dance outfit from Insomniac, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an impressive lineup at Wasteland 2023 in California.

When it comes to hardstyle and hardcore music in North America, Basscon is the clear leader of the hard dance movement. Their flagship festival Wasteland just announced its lineup for February 24-25 in San Bernadino, California.

2023 will be the 10th year of the Basscon brand, well known for its annual stage at EDC Las Vegas. This year’s lineup includes hard dance stars like Audiofreq, Coone, DJ Anime, Junkie Kid, Lady Faith, TNT, and more.

Tickets to Wasteland 2023 at the NOS Events Center are available now for just $130 total or a $10 deposit.

Phase 2 Wasteland Lineup Update: Adaro, Bel Air Witch, Dead X, Death Code, GRAVEDGR, Hartshorn, LLLNNNN, Talon b2b Kreation, Adrenalize, Dionysus, Gammer, Kami, Levenkhan, Link, NTXC, Tyeguys, and Water Spirit

The Wasteland 2023 lineup features some of the genre’s biggest artists and some truly legendary names.

Artists like TNT, DJ The Prophet, and Rob Gee are recognized as pioneers of the genre and have become familiar faces at Basscon events. They have all previously played at EDC Las Vegas and are some of the most notable names at Wasteland 2023.

Some of this year’s other headliners include Audiofreq, Coone, Da Tweekaz, and Junkie Kid. Respectively hailing from Australia, Belgium, Norway, and Mexico, Basscon attracts talent from all around the world for Wasteland weekend. Also featured on the lineup is a special Xtreme set from Ben Nicky.

Wasteland mostly features hardstyle artists but also brings out hardcore music like DJ Anime and Deadly Guns.

While the bulk of the weekend will be hardstyle, there are also a few artists that will turn up the BPM up to a hardcore tempo. Along with DJ Anime and Deadly Guns, the b2b set from Lucky Rabbit and Keiji will bring those vibes. Rounding out the lineup is Lady Faith and Mrotek, two popular rising stars in the hardstyle community.

Wasteland 2023 promises to be a memorable weekend for both passionate fans and newcomers to the hard dance scene. Tickets are available now, and this upcoming February 23-24 will be another unforgettable weekend at the NOS Events Center.

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