Kyle Watson’s ‘My Machines’ Tour Was a Night To Remember

Kyle Watson brought the My Machines tour to Concord Music Hall on October 1st, and it was an incredible night of captivating house music.

Last weekend held a couple of major firsts for me here in Chicago. Going into that night’s show at the Concord Music Hall, I had both never been to Concord nor seen Kyle Watson before. Saturday, October 1st was the perfect night to remedy that situation.

Kyle Watson is a big name, and I’ve heard his tracks like “I Got You”, “Sides”, and the ever-amazing “Magic Carpet”. However, seeing him live at a venue I’d never been to was special, and I admittedly wasn’t prepared for what was about to go down.

Kyle Watson 2022 My Machines Tour:

Kyle Watson had total command all night, weaving his favorites in with an authority I have only seen with a few of my very favorite artists.

From the moment he stepped on following an opening set from Weiss, everyone in the room knew something special was about to happen. And it did. The crowd was in a bit of a trance, glued to their spots and undulating with the silky tracks he chose.

We were all treated to a masterclass in mixing, and I was surprised to hear him switching the vibes up a little. It wasn’t just his perfectly crafted house bangers coming from the speakers. Kyle seemed to want to add a bit more soul to the brisk Chicago night, and everyone there was witnessing an artist truly in his element.

By the end of the show, we were sad to see the clock creeping ever closer to 3:30 AM.

It was hard to believe that things were over already, and I certainly didn’t want it to end. But he took us along for the journey, and when we arrived at the destination it was a bittersweet feeling. You could tell though – not only by the number of people who stuck around but by the energy still prevalent in the room – that the whole crowd was proud to be there every step of the way.

As we filed out of the venue to our respective afters, there was the sense that everyone walking next to me had just as unforgettable of a night as I did, and for me that really says something. Thanks for the perfect closing set Kyle, you got me sold. Anytime I see him coming to town, best believe I’ll be there –  ready to witness another spectacle.

Author: Andrew Ploeger

Photos: Georgia Modi

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