Claude Vonstroke Announces Phase Two of Open-To-Close Tour After Chicago Show

Claude Vonstroke just announced more cities on his ‘Your Dad Plays Great Music’ tour after performing at Cermak Hall on June 11 in Chicago. [EVENT REVIEW]

Dirtybird co-founder Claude Vonstroke has been on the ‘Your Dad Plays Great Music Tour‘ for most of this year. Starting on March 11 at It’ll Do Club in Dallas, Claude just performed another 5+ hour set at Cermak Hall in Chicago, Illinois.

Your Dad Plays Great Music has a few main themes: dark rooms with minimal lighting, a DJ booth on the same level as the dancefloor, and open-to-close sets from Claude Vonstroke. His Chicago set was scheduled to be the last one on tour, but Claude just announced another round of shows including stops in Colombia, Las Vegas, Toronto, Colorado, and more. Tickets are on sale now.

Claude Vonstroke’s set at Cermak Hall in Radius Chicago started right when doors opened at 10 PM.

Cermak Hall adopted a brand new setup for this show. There were four speakers located in the corner of each room, and a small elevated platform in place of a stage. Fans could stand on all sides of the DJ booth and were encouraged to spread out given the placement of the speakers. Combined with almost no visuals outside of a few Christmas lights, the vibe was definitely one-of-a-kind.

Claude Vonstroke played a wide variety of music during his 10 PM-3:30 AM set. Often playing a selection of tech house and Dirtybird tracks, he also ventured into drum n bass, jungle, and other genres. The room felt like a warehouse rave given the dark environment and emphasis on the crowd. Several upcoming tour stops are in warehouse venues, including Oakland and Washington, DC.

Claude Vonstroke’s Your Dad Plays Great Music Tour already stopped in iconic clubs like 1-800 Lucky in Miami, The Church in Denver, and Magic Stick in Detroit.

The tour now lasts through September 17th before ending in Washington, DC. Other stops include another show at Discopussy in Las Vegas and several sets in Canada and Colombia. For Dirtybird and house and techno fans looking for a unique event experience, the Your Dad Plays Great Music Tour can’t be missed.

Photo Credit: Blaise Production

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