Whales Releases Emotional Track “Death of Me” With Vocals From Shiah Maisel

Multi-genre bass music artist Whales teams up with Shiah Maisel for “Death of Me”, a future bass inspired track with a massive drop.

Whales is recognized as one of bass music’s biggest worldwide stars. The 22 year old from Israel just released his latest track, “Death of Me” featuring Shiah Maisel.

“Death of Me” marks the third time Whales has worked with Maisel. They also collaborated on “Fall Down” and “REPLAY” featuring Kayzo. Whales has an impressive list of recent collaborations with artists like Excision, Bear Grillz, Kompany, Hairitage, Virus Syndicate, and Hi I’m Ghost.

Formerly known as Sex Whales, Tal Rochman started producing when he was just 15 years old.

His first success came with NCS tracks like “We Are” and “Dead to Me” which have since been streamed hundreds of millions of times across platforms. He now releases music on labels like Disciple Round Table, Monstercat, and his imprint, The Reef. His 2021 album Pelagios was released on Subsidia Records, and he had an unforgettable appearance on the Subsidia Stage at Lost Lands Music Festival.

“Death of Me” opens with vocals from Shiah Maisel about memories from a past relationship.

The drop from Whales hits a similar tone, featuring big emotional chords combined with vocal samples from Maisel. Shiah continues to tell his story in the second verse before the second drop from Whales hits. The song then ends abruptly with the lyrics “we’ll never have to go back then.” I think it’s a message that he’s done thinking about past memories and ready to move on completely.

“Death of Me” is another innovative track from Whales. He once again showcases his amazing ability as a producer and his willingness to explore several genres. At just 22 years old, the future of Whales is certainly a bright one.

Whales & Shiah Maisel – Death of Me

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