Cat Dealers To Make Miami Music Week Debut at Cat House Sessions [Interview]

Cat House Sessions at La Otra Miami Wynwood on Wednesday, March 23rd will be headlined by CAT DEALERS, MOGUAI, and HENRY FONG.

CAT DEALERS are making their much-anticipated Miami Music Week debut next week before Ultra Music Festival. Cat House Sessions, a curated event at La Otra Miami Wynwood, will also feature MOGUAI, HENRY FONG, PONTIFEXX, and KONSTANTINA GIANNI.

Lugui and Pedrão are the Brazilian brothers behind CAT DEALERS. The duo has amassed hundreds of millions of streams with their unique style of EDM. They are known for releases on labels like Armada and Spinnin’ and recently collaborated with Loud Luxury, FTampa, and Dubdogz.

Cat House Sessions on Wednesday, March 23rd features a stacked lineup of electronic music from 9 PM-5 AM. CAT DEALERS are making their only Miami appearance at Cat House Sessions before continuing their North American tour in Dallas, San Diego, Austin, Toronto, and Chicago.

Tickets to Cat House Sessions start at $30 and are available now. In anticipation of next week’s party, check out our interview with CAT DEALERS below as well as quotes from MOGUAI, PONTIFEXX, and KONSTANTINA GIANNI.

PREMIER EDM: What are you most looking forward to in Miami, and what can people expect when they attend a Cat Dealers show?

CAT DEALERS: We love Miami, but actually have never been to Miami Music Week, which is crazy because it’s got a reputation for being so incredible. We’re beyond excited to host our own label party when the city is breathing electronic music!

For Cat House Sessions, we’re bringing the sound we’ve been known for in Brazil and have been able to show the rest of the world. We’ve been touring a lot in the US and just came back from a few amazing gigs, including Printworks at London. All the traveling around really inspires us and that reflects in our music, so there’s a lot of new tracks too! You can definitely expect a mix of our classic Cat Dealers tracks and a lot of unreleased surprises.

PREMIER EDM: Your North America tour includes stops in New York City, San Diego, and Toronto before ending in Chicago on April 23. What do you enjoy most about playing shows in the United States?

CAT DEALERS: One of the things we like the most is the feeling of starting fresh, a brand new moment in our career in a different country that already has a strong and consolidated electronic music scene. The other thing we love is being able to play in clubs since in Brazil it’s not that common, and we LOVE playing in clubs, it’s too good!

Doing a North America tour is always amazing because we love to get to see new places. During the time we are here, we always take the opportunity to travel for leisure in order to get to know the country, like when we went to Albuquerque for the first time and we did the Breaking Bad tour! But our favorite memories are always from the shows. Like New York, for example, it was an indescribable feeling, playing a sold out night at a super renowned club.

PREMIER EDM: Cat Dealers are widely recognized as one of the most successful Brazilian acts in the EDM industry. How does being from Brazil shape your music style?

CAT DEALERS: Being Brazilian had a huge impact on us!  From a very young age we started consuming such diverse and high quality productions, as Brazilian music is so rich. It’s very inspiring! We’re very influenced by many different tracks and sounds, so combining all that, the result is something that feels unique and true to us. We always try to create music that brings together what’s working in Brazil and some other elements that are inspired by what the rest of the world is listening to.

PREMIER EDM: Who are some other artists or vocalists that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

CAT DEALERS: We’d love to collaborate with a long list of artists but we can highlight names like The Weeknd or Billie Eilish, who’ve been dominating music globally and are really creative and artistic. And as producers, it’d be amazing to do something with Eric Prydz, as we’re huge fans not only of his music, but of his amazing live shows too! Skrillex is also an old dream of ours. He’s inspired an entire generation of producers, including us!

PREMIER EDM: Lastly, with this being the first Miami Music Week since 2019, do you have any advice for your fans attending Miami Music Week?

LUGUI: Of course, come join us at our first ever Cat House Sessions in Miami and please don’t forget to hydrate.

PEDRÃO: Create a list with all your must see acts and must go parties (obviously make sure to include Cat House Sessions) and enjoy!

“I’m most excited about meeting the Cat Dealers in person! I’m looking forward to playing with them…they’re from Brazil and I’m from Germany, I don’t know why but this combination works pretty good. I can’t wait to hear their new track ‘Club Addict’ live!”


“It’s my first time playing in the US, and having this party at Miami Music Week is just icing on the cake! I got close to the boys during the pandemic, producing remixes and mashups together. Being able to play at Cat House Sessions is going to be amazing, and who knows…these collabs might not even appear in my Ultra set”


“I am so excited to be playing with these guys! I’ve loved their sound for years and the Brazilian influence they bring to dance music”

Henry Fong

“When we inked the residency deal with E11evn this year, we were happy to have a strong presence in Miami. They were kind enough to us to let us do this cool play on the side – I admire what Cat Dealers have been doing in the studio and was very excited when I got asked to join this lineup”

Konstantina Gianni

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