Fransis Derelle & YKES Return To Welcome Records With “Nothing Left” Featuring Tea Timerz

Fransis Derelle is back on Kayzo’s Welcome Records with “Nothing Left”, a heavy collaboration with YKES and Tea Timerz.

Fransis Derelle, the innovative bass music artist originally from Salt Lake City, just made his much anticipated return to Welcome Records. The genre-bending label founded by Kayzo previously released Derelle’s 2020 EP Forget Me, and now he’s back with his second single of 2022, “Nothing Left“.

“Nothing Left” sees Fransis Derelle collaborate with YKES and Tea Timerz for a dubstep-influenced track with elements of hard dance, heavy metal, and melodic bass. It marks the second time Derelle has worked with YKES. The duo released “Bakin’” on Excision‘s Subsidia Records in 2021.

“Nothing Left” starts with a calm atmosphere before transitioning into the metal/rock vibes that Tea Timerz are known for.

After a verse filled with guitar riffs and classic headbanging music, the first drop hits hard with a dose of heavy dubstep. The second drop brings in some elements of hard dance, while the final drop of the track brings even more intense dubstep energy. The live instrumentation elements make this track unique, especially combined with the EDM production and track arrangement.

Fransis Derelle has established himself as one of bass music’s most creative underground talents.

With several releases on Monstercat and Circus Records, he’s already been recognized by many of the genre’s most iconic labels. “Nothing Left” with YKES and Tea Timerz is a multi-genre banger by that further proves Derelle’s status as an artist to watch in the future.

“YKES and I previously collaborated on a track and wanted to make a follow up. I make more melodic music and YKES makes a bit more heavier stuff so we wanted to combine both elements.”

-Fransis Derelle

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