Space Laces Returns to Never Say Die Records For ‘High Vaultage’ EP

Space Laces has released his second full-length EP, High Vaultage, featuring five songs that push the boundaries of bass music.

Space Laces is widely considered one of the best bass music producers in the world. While most fans probably recognize him as a dubstep DJ/producer, the High Vaultage EP showcases his skill to really just create his own style of heavy electronic music.

He’s been an iconic name in the scene for over a decade. His first releases with Excision and Destroid came in 2012. However, Space Laces has only recently started to regularly release new music. His 2018 Overdrive EP featured a collaboration with Getter and a few other tracks you’ll definitely recognize if you’ve been to Lost Lands. High Vaultage is his first EP since 2018 and has five brand new originals from Space Laces’ music vault.

Along with the dubstep vibes, ‘High Vaultage’ is also influenced by future bass, complextro, and bass house.

The opening track “Droid” definitely has the Space Laces brand of interesting samples, groovy basslines, and heavy drops. “Run DLL” has some elements of experimental bass combined with big dubstep sounds.

Space Laces continues his creative sample use on “Not Bees“, featuring the line from the iconic Nicolas Cage meme. On the last two tracks, he goes deep and explores some other genres. “Splinters” has big emotional chords and future bassy drops. “Disco Bloodbath” is a throwback that’s finally seeing an official release after being posted online over ten years ago.

‘High Vaultage’ proves that Space Laces is one of the most talented artists in the bass music scene and continues to push the genre forward.

He’s one of the dubstep’s most mysterious artists, and with support from the likes of Excision and Never Say Die Records, he’ll be a staple in the genre for years to come. There’s plenty of hype for new music from Space Laces, and High Vaultage definitely delivers.

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