Elderbrook Brings The Emotion on ‘Innerlight’ EP

Elderbrook creates a chill and introspective vibe with ‘Innerlight’, a four-track EP featuring Bob Moses and Louis The Child.

Elderbrook has quietly become one of the hottest artists in the electronic music scene. Coming off recent shows at Lollapalooza, Breakaway Festival, and Red Rocks, he’s back with the 4-track Innerlight EP featuring appearances from Bob Moses, Emmit Fenn, and Louis The Child.

Based in the UK, Elderbrook got his first taste of mainstream success in 2017 when he collaborated with Camelphat on the smash hit “Cola“. Available now on all platforms, Innerlight portrays his growth as a producer and his ability to capture a chill and emotional vibe in his music.

The EP opens with “Inner Light”, a previously released single alongside Bob Moses.

Elderbrook and Bob Moses are a perfect match in the studio, and its clearly evident in this track. While I had heard several songs by Elderbrook before, “Inner Light” really made me more curious about his sound. And as the title track on the Innerlight EP, this song definitely does not disappoint.

Next comes “I’ll Find My Way To You”, a collaboration with Emmit Fenn. Another emotional track that paints a vibrant atmosphere, the pure talent of Elderbrook comes out in this one.

“Broken Mirror” is my highlight of Innerlight EP and solidifies Elderbrook’s status as one of the industry’s top rising artists.

A self-trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Elderbrook’s live shows involve several different instruments. All of those elements are evident in “Broken Mirror”, an epic ballad with relatable lyrics that feel deep and introspective.

Closing out the EP is “Dominoes”, Elderbrook’s first collaboration with Louis The Child. Elderbrook has had a seriously impressive lineup of collaborations lately, making songs with Diplo, Black Coffee, Martin Garrix (Ytram), Rudimental, and The Martinez Brothers.

Innerlight comes in the midst of Elderbrook’s North American tour, which ends on October 30th in Miami.

Elderbrook has clearly established himself as one of electronic music’s most unique producers. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him headlining festivals across the country in just a few years.

The EP is all about how important it is to trust your instincts and believe that you do have the right ideas. That it’s important to follow your own inner light. It represents the journey of self-discovery that I have been on since becoming a father and learning how to navigate that and trust in myself.

Alexander Kotz (Elderbrook)

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