No Mana’s ‘Electromag’ Is The Electro House Showcase We Needed

No Mana is an artist that has continuously pushed electro house forward throughout his career. His latest project is one of his biggest yet: the 19-track mau5trap compilation Electromag.

Starting with his first release on mau5trap back in 2015, No Mana has built up a reputation as one of the most consistent artists on the label. In addition to several EPs and his recent full-length album, he’s also played live sets alongside labelmates like Rezz, deadmau5, i_o, and Bentley Dean.

No Mana is credited on four tracks on Electromag, while the rest of the album shines a light on some of his favorite artists.

Starting with “Can’t Say No”, a high profile collab with Tommy Trash, No Mana then brings the energy on “Alive” with James Egbert to kick off the album.

Electromag takes us on a journey of basslines and hooks that could probably be out of an Ibiza 2008 compilation. Some of my favorites include both tracks by KEETZ: “Flat Track” and “Recalled“.

Released almost exactly two years after Porter Robinson’s Spitfire EP, “Symphony” by Foxhunt has a similar energy. James Egbert has to be one of the album’s hidden gems. His track “Old School Sound” brings a special euphoria.

Chicago native and mau5trap staple Bentley Dean impresses on “Amron“, which reminds of me an old school deadmau5 sound. Electromag wouldn’t be complete without EDDIE, who delivers two powerful tracks before Wolfgang Gartner closes it out with “The Original“.

Electromag has been hailed as being a nostalgic take on music from a past era. But what if it’s actually a sign of things to come?

Sure, the project apparently started as a joke between No Mana, Bentley Dean, and EDDIE. But with the way things are going in EDM, I think Electromag a positive shift for the scene as a whole. Artists are touring again, releasing the music they made during quarantine, and bringing the best energy they possibly can in all aspects of their career.

Electromag is a perfect example of that. Starting as a passion project between a few friends, it has earned its reputation as one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

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